Monday, 27 December 2010

Letter in Guardian calling for real feed-in tariffs

See for the text of a letter in the Guardian calling for real feed-in tariffs for renewables but not for nulcear power.

What to do now? Well, make sure that the Government's policy to subsidise nuclear power (instead of supporting more renewables) is challenged. Write, and urge others to write, to your own MPs asking for them to lobby, and vote, against measures to subsidise nuclear and to urge them to vote for policies to give the money to renewables instead. The Government say they want to set up a 'low carbon mechanism' to fund both nuclear power and renewables. But the money should be used to fund more renewables instead of nuclear power stations. Fund more onshore and offshore windfarms, solar power schemes, wave, tidal, small hydro and sustainable biomass energy projects.....instead of nuclear power.

It is vital to get the message to our MPs, otherwise they will be hoodwinked into thinking that the public will go along with the Government's greenwash about nuclear power.

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